Body Lotion

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Body Lotion

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Nourishing for all skin types. Select from:

Earthy — Cedarwood* + Cypress 
- anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, natural astringent, detoxifying

Sweet — Elemi + Frankincense 
- hydrating, balances skin's Ph, reduces appearance of wrinkles, regenerates skin cells, relieves dry/chapped skin

Fruity — Juniper Berry* + Sweet Orange*
- uplifting, skin brightening, detoxifying, increases circulation

Floral — Lavender* + Geranium
- exfoliates, tightens skin, evens skin tone, reduces water retention, calming, soothing, moisturizing, antibacterial, antifungal

Herbaceous — Rosemary + Marjoram*
- soothes achy muscles, antiviral, tonic, antioxidant
**use with caution if you have epilepsy or high blood pressure

4 oz. / 8 oz.

Ingredients: coconut oil*, emulsifying wax, shea butter*, avocado oil*, olive oil*, vitamin E oil (Non-GMO sourced) + choice of essential oils

*denotes USDA certified organic ingredient

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  • Coconut Oil Vitamin E & antioxidants reduce free radicals, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, regulates the body’s natural oil production, rich moisturizer

  • Emulsifying Wax To aid in binding, citric acid to make shelf stable

  • Shea Butter Deeply penetrates to moisturize skin, natural vitamin A aids in reducing free radicals (damage to skin cells/signs of aging/cancer causing), aids in restoring skin’s elasticity

  • Avocado Oil Rich in vitamins B, C, D, E & K− a natural retinol, anti−inflammatory, aids in plumping fine lines, reduces sun damage & age spots

  • Olive Oil Natural exfoliator, stimulates skin cells to firm and smooth, antioxidants & vitamins A & E reduce free radicals and reduce signs of aging, hypoallergenic

  • Vitamin E Oil Improves collagen & elasticity in the skin, retains moisture in the skin, softens skin to reduce appearance of fine lines and scars, reduces free radicals and signs of aging

  • Choice of essential oils added*