Bio Feedback Scans



What is a Biofeedback Scan?

It is a simple hand scan that uses galvanic skin response, the same technology used in lie detector tests.  Galvanic skin response (GSR) measures the functions of electrical conductivity in the body as it is exposed to various stimuli.  The technology sends virtual stimuli to the body through the hand cradle (scanner) and then measures how the body responds to each digital stimulus.  The software then compiles the positive & negative responses and produces a report which shows the top essential oils your body needs.

How do I use the results of the scan?

After the scan is finished we can go through a series of muscle testing- applied kinesiology- to see which of the oils on your scan are the strongest needed by your body. I can demonstrate this and teach you, it’s a simple process you can learn to do at home as well.  You will be able to smell each of the oils on your scan as well.

After your appointment, I will analyze the report to explain how these oils help support both your emotional and physical well-being.  I will send you a full write up of your top oils and the properties of the oils- explaining in depth how they can help your body’s system strengthen and how they can affect your brain/emotions.  Your report will include the Chakra connection to your top oils- demonstrating the bio-physical & emotional connections in our body.  Your report will leave you with both body systems & emotional systems to support and nourish moving forward.

These oils will be used to make your personalized blend.  You should receive your blend and report within 5-7 days after your scan.

What is a personalized blend?

I hand-craft each personalized blend based on the results of your scan.  I will properly and safely mix the oils listed on your report into an easy to apply 10 ml roll on bottle.  I will include directions on where to apply your oils daily based on chakras & reflexology points. Chakra points & reflexology points are points on your body that correlate to your various body systems.  There are over 50 years of research & application in the world of reflexology and the nervous system connection to internal systems. 

What happens next?

Use your personalized blend as directed daily for about 90 days (you may need to order a 2nd roll on depending on how often and where you apply).  See how you are feeling both physically and emotionally after 90 days.  It takes your blood cells about 90 days to change through use of the oils. 

Since your body is always changing, after 90 days, re-scan to receive a blend that fits your body at this point.

As always, call with any questions or concerns or simply to share positive changes you observe.


30 minute scan appointment (includes post-appointment analysis/report compilation)- $60

10ml personalized roll on blend of essential oils (includes shipping to your home)- $30

*Scans will be done in New Brighton unless you have 4 or more people, then I can come to your home upon request*